How to Write an Effective Body Paragraph

For an argumentative academic essay the thesis statement should serve as the main point of reference for readers. The thesis is what will dictate what your piece will be structured, what format it will follow and the kind of evidence you’ll require. Don’t be overly specific about your thesis. A long essay will lead to a lengthy argument. These are some suggestions that can help you write an effective thesis statement. These guidelines will allow you to compose an argumentative paper which is convincing. The following are some of the tips:

Body paragraphs

The body paragraphs of your essay should be linked with each other in a way that is logical to it. They should be focused on one theme. There is also the option to break up complex topics in different paragraphs. These are some tips for making your body paragraphs logical. To write an effective body paragraph you should know how they are structured. These examples will help you understand how to structure your writing. These are the most important elements of a body statement.

The argumentative essay you write should contain all the required parts. In your last paragraph, you addressed the issue of the film playing reversed. This issue should be dealt with in the subsequent body paragraph. Make sure that your argument is particular and is related to the thesis statement. Each paragraph should have an end. Also, make sure to include evidence that supports your thesis.

Topic sentences control the main argument of this paragraph. They make it easier for the reader to identify the main arguments. The topic sentence must contain specific facts and information in addition to an explanation. It is possible to include the subject sentence in the next paragraph should you be unable find a suitable subject sentence. Then, repeat this process until you’ve finished all these steps. Based on the length of your body paragraph it is possible to delay or reordered to suit the format of your argumentative essay.

Your body paragraphs must prove your thesis statement. The paragraphs must lead from the introduction to the end in your paper. Your body paragraphs must relate and are coherent. The thesis must provide a concise and clear summary of the main idea. Look up an example of academic essays in case you’re unsure of how your paragraphs should be structured. These examples will assist you in your writing.


A persuasive essay that is academic must conclude with a statement. Though most people skip this part of the article, it’s vital to give a sense closing the paper. The concluding paragraph should not offer any new ideas or arguments. Instead, it should convey a clear message to the viewer that is memorable. The conclusion must be concise and include only one quote. The body should contain information that comes from different sources. Additionally, the concluding paragraph should sound confident and convincing.

A few instructors ask students to elaborate on the importance of their argument. Teachers will require students to give reasons why they think the argument is significant, and how it impacts the study of a specific time frame or area. This argument may be relevant to the next generation of readers. If the issue is relevant to a certain group of readers, an end might address the shortcomings of this discussion. It is especially useful when discussing scientific studies. This should give closure to the person reading.

Ideally, the conclusion will summarize all the aspects discussed within the body. The conclusion will be more remembered by readers than paragraphs within the body. It must summarize the key issues and then go over the main points. Also, it should rephrase the thesis statement so that it’s more impactful and persuasive. Consider, for example, the thesis statement says „We need to prevent the city from turning into an enormous waste dump.” Using such a phrase would result in a negative picture in the readers’ mind.

Disagreement of opposing points viewpoint

If you are writing an academic piece when writing an academic essay, it is essential to be aware of and respond to those who have a different viewpoint. Refrain from addressing opposing points of view and in a respectful manner. In the event that you try to discredit any opponent’s viewpoint make sure you provide proof to back up your argument. In the absence of this, readers may feel less satisfied and less convinced by your position.

When writing a rebuttal, it’s important to acknowledge and consider the different viewpoints. If you address the opposition and convincing the public to consider opposing views. There may be a need for compromise in order to convince that they are not. The good news is that this procedure can be completed without difficulties. Here are some tips to ensure your success.

Arguments against opposing viewpoints in an academic essay is composed of four main elements: a short intro to the counterargument and a declaration of the opposition followed by a convincing conclusion that comes from studying and comparing the opposing arguments. This method is the least effective in terms of impact on overall persuasive power which is why it is much more effective to be used at the center of an essay.

A counterargument can be in the form of a full paragraph or perhaps just one sentence. A counterargument can create a persuasive essay and prove that the author is aware of all sides. Counterarguments show the reader that the writer has thought about an argument’s validity and examined it from multiple angles. This writer can demonstrate an honest view to the reader using this method.


If you’re struggling with an argumentative academic paper you can find a number of useful options accessible. These resources can help you know what evidence is what it is, how it should be utilized in your writing, and whether or not you have sufficient evidence to back up your thesis. These links offer additional information. Once you’ve read this book, you will be well-equipped to compose an argumentative essay. The following tips will assist you to begin.

First, you must determine your audience. The purpose behind an argumentative essay is convince the audience of the validity of your argument. Your arguments must be supported with evidence. Arguments without proof will fall apart like a building without foundations. It is therefore essential to ensure that your argument is the most credible you are able to. With respect to your field of study, your audience will be more accepting of the ideas you present if you incorporate examples within your writing.

The second is to identify the opposing perspectives and then discuss them. Every opposing view must be presented in at minimum one paragraph. There is no reason to believe that these opposing opinions are untrue. Rather, you should acknowledge that some of them may be outdated or inaccurate. When writing an academic paper you have to prove your point. Your argument must be supported by proof. A conclusion must be included. This can be used as a way to show or demonstrate your arguments.

You must then select which type of evidence you want to use. Your evidence must be from a reliable source. It is easy to find some articles which are false however, it’s useless if it is incorrect. Instead, you need to choose a source which is trustworthy and offers a large amount of backing. If you’re uncertain about which method of evidence to go with then you could use an academic database or search engine to find reputable sources that provide precise and reliable information.


It is essential to back your argumentative essay using evidence. You must find trustworthy sources that support your thesis statement, but also stay current and up-to-date. If you’re using academic journals You should look into JStor as well as the Directory of Open Access Journals. It is also possible to check the each school’s or university’s websites. Keep track of important quotes and page numbers.

The thesis statement should explain what you believe is the reason your thesis is valid. Although it might seem simple at first however, you need to provide proof to back your thesis. It’s not enough to simply state your personal opinion. Be aware that the opposing viewpoints are usually outdated or misinformed. The argument you make must be supported with evidence that convinces your readers to agree with you. Once you’ve identified your source of your argument, it is time to start the writing process.

The most reliable sources are those that can back up your claims with documents and data. Include a short analysis in citing sources. It is important to connect your argument from the source to the main argument. You can use the Manchester Academic Phrasebank to find examples of these types of references. The University of Nevada, Reno Writing Center can assist by providing citations.

The argumentative essay is a must. thorough research into the subject. Research conducted using empirical methods will help you to understand the different views on the subject. Argumentative essays must have strong evidence to support them and an appealing thesis. The format of your essay comprises the introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Introductions are the starting point of writing an argumentative piece. It must also follow Rogerian or Toulmin guidelines to be well-structured and have an argument that is sound.